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Move WordPress to a different host

If you need to move your blog to another web hosting account or domain, the process is a little tricky. A lot of people think they can just download all their WordPress files, then upload them in the new location and it will work, but that is not correct.

A WordPress site consists of two parts working together: 1) a bunch of files inside the folder where your site is installed on your server, and 2) a database which stores all your posts, pages, comments, and settings.

If you move one without the other, things won’t work.

Moving a WordPress/ProPhoto site is too complex to explain in a simple tutorial, but we’ll give the basic steps here to help you figure it out if you’re very good with web stuff.
(or, hire a moving company)

Steps to move your site:

  1. First, create a full export of your WordPress database. (not a WordPress export)
    The best tool for this job is called phpMyAdmin which can be used in most web hosting control panels to export your raw MySQL database.
    For an in-depth explanation of the process, see the WordPress guide to Backing Up Your Database for a detailed write up, or consider using a WordPress plugin to export your database.
  2. If your site address will be changed during this move, you will need to update your database to use the new URL or you may not see any images after the move. WordPress plugins can help with this, too, such as Search & Replace by Inpsyde GmbH.
  3. Download your WordPress file system to your computer.
    cPanel File Manager in your hosting account may be easier to use than FTP for this.
    Or, your hosting account may have a separate tool to download a complete backup of your server file system. If they offer this, it may save you hours of time by transferring one large zip file instead of thousands of individual files at their original size. Ask your host if they offer a backup or download tool for your server file system.
  4. Upload WordPress files to your new web server.
    As the step above, a file manager in your new hosting account or an FTP program will be helpful here.
  5. On your new website server, create a new MySQL database and import the database export file you created in earlier steps.
  6. Edit the wp-config.php file in your new website location to make sure your new database name, user, and host info is correct.

If you are switching to Bluehost, you can also take a look at their migration tutorial.

Another Option: WordPress Plugins

Migrating a WordPress site from one host/server to another can also be done via a plugin. One plugin that we’ve actually used ourselves here at ProPhoto is:

The plugin allows you to migrate your site’s database to a new location. And with the plugin’s Media Library add-on, you can also sync your site’s media over to a new location as well, migrating both parts of your site (database and files) to a different server. Just be aware that it will require a bit of “tech savvy” to use this plugin, and it requires you to install WordPress on the new server before you begin.

We have also heard from several folks about another WordPress plugin that can perform site migrations, we have never used the plugin ourselves so we do not know how it works or if it is 100% compatible with ProPhoto:

As stated on the plugin page, be aware that this plugin requires “above average technical knowledge”, and we do not provide any technical support for plugins like this. If you have questions about either plugin mentioned above or get stuck using them, you will need to contact the plugin developer directly.

Need help with a move?

We recommend hiring a professional to transfer your site – someone who understands PHP, mySQL, and website administration. If the above info is not enough to help you get your blog moved, contact NetCrafted and let Scott know that you are a ProPhoto user sent from our site:

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link to NetCrafted

We have heard so many good things that we’re sure you’ll have the best experience without losing any of your website data. After they’re done, drop us a note to let us know how your experience was with them.