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Your ProPhoto Version

Using ProPhoto alongside compatible site

yayGreat news, the website you are currently using is hosted by a compatible webhost!  Since you’re wanting to keep this site, and use ProPhoto too, installing and using ProPhoto should be very easy.  You can just leave your website up and running right where it is, without making any changes to your domain or webhosting at all.

In most instances, people are running their website right in the root of their domain, something like “”.  As a result, the most common way to then run ProPhoto alongside the website is to install WordPress/ProPhoto in a sub-directory of their domain; something like “”.  Again, because your website is already hosted by a compatible webhost, this requires no additional steps, other than installing WordPress and ProPhoto in that location.



So if you’re ready get going, your only remaining things to do are to:

  1. Purchase ProPhoto here
  2. Then install WordPress and ProPhoto using our step by step tutorial here