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Using ProPhoto with SmugMug or Zenfolio




If you have a SmugMug or Zenfolio site, but also want a ProPhoto site, it is totally doable. You can even use the custom domain name you’re currently using for your SmugMug/Zenfolio site to now display your ProPhoto site. Here’s how to pull it off.

1) Hosting

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up compatible web hosting. Unfortunately neither SmugMug nor Zenfolio support WordPress installations on their servers, so you won’t be able to install WordPress/ProPhoto with them. Instead, you need to set up separate compatible web hosting. We recommend HostPapa for a variety of reason, not to mention you get a $30 rebate back on your ProPhoto purchase if you sign up with them using the link on our site!

2) Installation

Once you have the hosting setup, you’ll want to install WordPress/ProPhoto. However, we recommend installing on a temporary URL with your new webhost. That way, you can work on building and creating your new ProPhoto site in a temporary location, all while your domain name continues to display your SmugMug or Zenfolio site. See our guide for installing at a temporary URL.

3) Domain Repoint

The last step, once you’ve got your ProPhoto site looking how you want at your temporary URL, is to contact the domain registrar for your domain name and have them repoint the domain from SmugMug or Zenfolio’s servers, over to your new webhost’s servers. This way you can launch your new ProPhoto site right on your domain name. We have a tutorial that explains exactly how to do that.

If you are a SmugMug user, you may need to login to your SmugMug account, go to the settings area and remove your domain name from the “Custom Domains” field. When you do this, your SmugMug site should revert from the custom domain name you had it set to previously (say “”), back to the default domain for SmugMug sites (for example “”).

And if you are a Zenfolio user, after you get your domain name repointed, you may need to login to your Zenfolio account and in the preferences area, choose to use the default domain name for your Zenfolio site. That way, your Zenfolio site will revert from the custom domain you were using (again, “”) to the default Zenfolio domain structure (“”).

Once this is done, ProPhoto will appear right at your own domain (“”) and your SmugMug/Zenfolio site will revert back to their default domains. And then, you can create a menu link from your ProPhoto site over to your SmugMug/Zenfolio site if you wish.