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Installing ProPhoto multiple times

If you want to install ProPhoto twice, or three times, or more, here are the rules:

The End-User License Agreement (EULA) you accepted when you purchased permits you to use the ProPhoto theme two (2) times, provided the setups are not for separate money-making ventures. (It doesn’t matter if the installations are on the same domain or different domains.)  So if they are for the same business, or one is purely personal and associated with the owner of the business, you may simply install ProPhoto again without purchasing another license. But, when used for two business ventures, or when you want to install more than twice for any reason, you need to purchase extra licenses.

Note: if you purchase the “Expert Install” option where we handle installation, the theme may be used a second time without additional payment, but you will need to install WordPress and install ProPhoto yourself. If you prefer to have our team install a second setup, simply purchase “Expert Install” in your account page.