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ProPhoto Legacy Design Migration

The ProPhoto team will recreate your legacy ProPhoto design as a new, responsive design in ProPhoto 6 or 7.


Migration out of a legacy ProPhoto design. Services include:

  • Recreation of design structure/appearance from ProPhoto 5 or older as a newer ProPhoto 6/7 design.
  • Recreation of navigation menus and links.
  • Setting up a contact form page to replace an old slide-down form.

Optional services available:

  • Changing default colors in design (fonts/graphics).
  • Rearranging of original design layout.

Service DOES NOT include:

  • Creating a new ProPhoto design from scratch, or altering an existing ProPhoto design so much that it looks nothing like the original and is totally unique.
  • Performing any custom graphic work.
  • Creating any text copy.
  • Creating new post or page content from scratch.
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