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ProPhoto Design Buildout

The ProPhoto team will personalize any design with your images and text.

Pricing starts at $700, but varies by site. Please contact ProPhoto for a quote.


Build out of any ProPhoto included or add-on design. Services include:

  • Installing ProPhoto add-on design (if applicable).
  • Setting up all pages and layouts in the customer site exactly like the demo. Includes creating any additional pages needed that the design does not include by default. And removing any default pages from the design that aren’t desired.
  • Setting up all menu and graphic links on the site to the correct pages and URLs within the customer site.
  • Updating all default graphics/images and text in the design with images and text as provided by the customer. (This is for all layouts in the design.)
  • Setting up the contact page form to include all desired fields and ensuring that all submissions are sent in the desired email format.
  • Setting up the portfolio and gallery pages per the customer’s wishes. Customer needs to communicate how many gallery pages are desired and send all images for each of the galleries.

Optional services available:

  • Creating additional font styles not included with the design by default.
  • Changing default colors in design (fonts/graphics).
  • Basic rearranging of default design layouts.

Service DOES NOT include:

  • Creating a new ProPhoto design from scratch, or altering an existing ProPhoto design so much that it looks nothing like the original and is totally unique.
  • Performing any custom graphic work.
  • Creating any text copy.
  • Creating new post or page content from scratch.



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