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Comments Form Appearance

The Form Appearance settings for Comments in the ProPhoto Customizer apply specifically to the “form” portion of the commenting area shown here:

Comment Display Different Areas

The options provided allow you to set:

Comment Form Font Styles

Comment Form Font Styles

These allow you to control the font for the following areas of the commenting form:

Comment Form Various Font Styling Application

(If you aren’t already familiar with how fonts work in ProPhoto, you’ll want see our Font Styles tutorial.)

Comment Form Fields Appearance

Comment Form Fields Appearance

With these settings, you can modify the background, spacing and border around the input fields of the comment form (Name, Email, Website and Message).

Comment Submit Button Appearance

Comment Form Submit Button Appearance

You can use these options to style the appearance of the submit button in the comment form area.  (If you want to change the actual text shown on the submit button from “Post Comment” to something else, you’ll want to head to “ProPhoto”  > “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Translation” and change that field in the “Translation: comment form” options area.)