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Image CSS classes

ProPhoto offers a number of features that apply directly to your images in posts and pages – image protection, watermarking, borders and more. Sometimes, because of what one wants to do with a specific image, it is desirable to disable one or more, or even all of these features.

This tutorial gives a number of custom CSS classes that disable particular image options when applied to the “image css” field of a particular image in a post or page. First we will show how to add the CSS to the image. Following, is a description of what each code does.

Adding Image CSS Classes

Click the image in visual editing mode, then click the edit buttonwp411_edit_image1.pngPaste the CSS class in the “Image CSS class” box. If adding multiple codes, separate them with a space.wp40_adding_image_css As a final step update your post.

Image CSS options

Enables the left click option if all clicking is disabled in “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Content” > “Content Images”.