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Inheritance Overview

We’ve tried to make it as easy to develop a certain look for your entire site and adjust that look with as little work as possible. In order to accomplish this, we employ a system of inheritance, whereby a setting in one place applies in one or more other places.

Base Template (what’s this?)

A base template is the highest level parent template. The base template is where you should make all your sitewide style selections. Most of the time changes to menu, background, grid, comments, content and form style should be made on this template. These settings, in “ProPhoto > Customizer > (template toggle)”  are inherited by the child templates. This makes it easy to make site wide changes.

The only layout items (blocks, rows, columns and widgets) you should add to your base template are items that are to appear on all or most of your child templates. Common examples of this are a header and footer area. Build and style these areas only in you base template. This way, all your changes will be inherited equally by the child templates.

Inheritance within templates

For a thorough treatment of how to customize layout items and even more screenshots check out Control the appearance of your template layout

Inheritance between templates