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Background color and image

Review appearance inheritance

Apply a solid background color (including semi-transparent colors) to any block, row, or column of your layout. You may apply single images as backgrounds to each of these, as well.
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Since each element in your layout (blocks/rows/columns) behaves as a layer, you can even get creative by stacking background colors/images for unique effect.

Set a background color

In the customizations popup for any block, row, or column in your page layout, find the option to select or override the area background color, seen here:

settings edit buttons which show blue are overriding

settings edit buttons which show blue are overriding

Choose the background color you want to use with the colors & palettes tool. The tool allows you to pick a color visually, with HEX color values, RGB color values, or with HSL values. The tool also has a slider to set the opacity of the color, if you need semi-transparent colors.

When you’ve selected a color, click to save layout appearance changes at the bottom of the popup. You should notice the color is applied when you view your site.

Upload a background image

Use the image upload area to apply an image from your computer. You may drag-and-drop an image onto this area, or click to use a file selector.

Uploaded images will display the filename, width & height, and file size information.

You will also find additional options for controlling the position and behavior of the background image. Click to read about each control:

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