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Move and organize layout items

Elements in your layout editor are drag-and-drop, which makes it easy to reorder the layout and organize items any way you need. Blocks, rows, and columns have fly-outs with drag handles, (identified in the video below) and widgets can be grabbed directly.

Move a layout item

Click-and-hold on an item and drag it. The new location will be highlighted when you can place your item inside. Other items will reposition as you drag. Release to drop the item in the new location.

That’s it! Drag-and-drop your layout items into any arrangement you need.

Adjust column width using spans

Specifically with columns, you may adjust width to use a portion of 12 equally-sized spans. Adjust column width by dragging each divider.

What are column spans?

A span is one twelfth of a row. Columns may use 2 to 12 of a row’s spans, sort of like cutting a pie into 12 pieces. You can cut equally, or adjust some columns (slices) to be larger than others. In the example above, two columns divide equally the 12 spans as you drag. With three or more columns, the 12 spans are simply split up differently, all adding up to 12.

Spans are not fixed-width. When the layout is viewed on large or small screens, the row width will be divided among the columns. And on small screens, columns may be wrapped onto new lines when necessary.