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ProPhoto galleries can be created and managed in “Galleries > “All Galleries” in the main WordPress admin area. Creating a gallery is very similar to creating a new post or page. Click “Add New” and you’ll see many of the same options in this page.  Add a title, add images, select a style and publish.


Add images

Use the “Add Images” button to add images using WordPress’s Media Library functionality.   With the images selected you want to insert, choose “select” to add them to the gallery.  Upload new images or select images already present in your Media Library.gallery_add_imagesAfter images are in your gallery, you can reorder or delete them.Anywhere the gallery has been inserted will be affected by changes here. Mass reordering by filename, upload order or file created time is possible with the dropdown. gallery_reorder_dropdown Move single images or groups of images all at once. To select a group of images in a row use shift + click. To add individual images to a group use ctrl/cmd + click. Use the toggle switch to see image filenames is needed.


Gallery style

The default gallery style here comes from the setting permalink style galleries in “ProPhoto > Customizer (Template group) > Galleries > Gallery styles.” Here you an override that style for this gallery.

Change the gallery style for a single gallery page

But you are never locked into this style.  Each time you insert any gallery you can override with any style you have created in “ProPhoto > Customizer (Design group) > Galleries “. 


All the standard WordPress publishing options are available allowing you to password protect, save as a draft, keep as private, and schedule for future publishing.gallery_publish_options

Featured image

Like regular posts/pages, you can feature an image for a gallery. Any time your gallery is included in a grid, this is the image that will be used for the grid thumbnail. It also may be the image used in link previews when sharing your link on social media sites.gallery_featured_img

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