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Gallery styles

Each gallery you create appears with a specific gallery style applied. Work with your gallery style presets in “ProPhoto > Customizer (toggle to design group) > Galleries” 

If you want a gallery to appear a certain way, or with certain controls you create a style that includes one of those options. Then you apply the style as a default or to a specific gallery. Check out Example galleries to see links to live examples of a few gallery styles and a detailed description of how to create them.

All free and paid designs come with at least one pre-existing gallery style and most have at least three. Create a gallery style by clicking the New button, or edit an existing style by choosing one from the dropdown. The gallery style you are working on shows in green at the top of the page. Give your styles descriptive names so you can tell them apart later. Expand the topics below to learn more about some specific style options. See Example galleries for some sample gallery styles and detailed instructions on how to create them.