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Copyright area

ProPhoto provides several option areas for you to control the copyright footer of your site.

Copyright font style and background color

You can set a font style for your copyright footer text by going to “ProPhoto > Customizer > Background”  and using the Copyright Area Appearance settings. In this settings area, you can also assign a background color that will applied specifically to the copyright footer area.

Custom copyright text

By default, your site’s copyright footer area will display:

© “Year” “Site Title”

For example:

© 2016 AwesomeSauce Photography

To modify what is shown and display your own copyright text, head to “ProPhoto > Copyright Area > Custom copyright text” and type your text into the field.

Copyright Footer Custom Text

This field does accept HTML, so if you want to display any links, etc, you can input the HTML to do so in this field.

The ProPhoto theme, like other WordPress themes, contains subtle attribution links in the footer of your blog.


Why are these links included?

We really don’t advertise our software. No cool magazine ads, no tie-ins with camera manufacturers. Chances are that you found out about ProPhoto because you saw another site that used it and saw these links at the bottom. Or maybe a friend told you about how they were able to create a great-looking site using our theme software.

Premium themes typically include mention of their author, so ProPhoto adds these links so people know what software was used to build the site. All ProPhoto demo setups show these links so it’s obvious they’ll be included, and we also mention these links in our EULA before everyone purchases the software. (section 2B)

How to remove the footer links

To remove these links, you may purchase an optional license key. After your purchase, simply enter the ID for your special license into the “ProPhoto > Copyright Area > Footer attribution links removal” field. (the license ID for ProPhoto will not work here)

Copyright Footer Link Removal Field

If you purchased an Add-On Design from the store on our site, any links from the creator of the design will be removed, as well.

Purchase the special Footer Link Removal Key by logging into your account here:

Scroll down beyond the Email management section to find the option to purchase the link removal key, seen here:

Copy the transaction ID of that purchase and paste it into your ProPhoto software in the “ProPhoto > Settings > Copyright Area” screen, seen here: