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Apply a tile to your site

If you have not already, check out our tiles overview first.

Tiles can be used in a number of places including as a P6 Graphics Widget, a custom form submit button, a read more link. More integrations are planned.

Tiles in graphics widgets

If you want to use a tile in a graphics widget to “ProPhoto > Customizer > Layout” for the template you are editing. After selecting a graphics widget choose “Tile” from the dropdown. Then select a tile that you created in “ProPhoto > Customizer > Tiles”. Your tile will insert via the graphics widget when you select “Create Widget.”


Tiles as read more links

Tiles are available for selection as the “read more” link that shows up on standard excerpt pages or grid items. Choose the “graphic” option then select your tile for the read more in one or more of these areas.

  • Standard excerpts“ProPhoto > Customizer > Content > Excerpts > Read more link”
  • Text below grids“ProPhoto > Customizer > Grids > Style: Text Below > Read more link”
  • Rollover grids“ProPhoto > Customizer > Grids > Style: Rollover > Read more link”


Tiles as form submit button

Any form submit button can be a tile. Edit a form in “ProPhoto > Settings > Site Settings > Forms”. Choose the “graphic” option then select your tile for the submit button. tile_in_submit