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Google+ widget

Create a prominent connection to your Google+ Profile, Page or Community with a Google+ badge or button.


ProPhoto provides several widgets you can use to place a customized badge or button on your site, linking to your Google+ content. You can add widgets to any column in “ProPhoto > Customizer > Layout.”  Below you see the option area for the Google+ Widget followed by an explanation of each area.



1. Widget Type


There are 2 main categories of Google+ widget, a badge or a button.  Google+ Profiles, Pages, and Communities each have their own badge, while a scaled down “follow” button can be used for any Google+ entity.

2. Entity ID

Google+ profiles, pages and communities are all different types of Google+ entities.  Each has a unique ID (like “105596053581053718505”), or if you have registered for one, a vanity name (like “+GooglePlusDevelopers”).  After selecting the type of widget you would like to display, you need to enter the ID or name of Google+ account.

To find the ID of a Page or Community, just go to that Page or Community in a web browser and copy the ID number or +XXX name out of the address.  To get your profile ID, go to your Google+ profile page and select “Profile” from the main dropdown menu.


a Google+ profile numeric ID

Then copy the numeric ID or “+XXX” custom profile name out of the address bar (only the ID, not the entire url) and paste it into the ID field of the widget.  (If you are managing multiple Google accounts, your address may have “/u/some-number” in the address before the ID).

Google+ badge type

3. Display Options

Each widget type has several options to control its appearance and content.  All the options show for each widget type but not all the options apply to each type.

Layout and color theme

These options apply to the badges but not the follow button.


profile badge with landscape layout and dark color theme

Cover photo and tagline


profile badge with portrait layout, dark theme, cover photo and tagline

The cover photo and tagline only appear in the “portrait” layout orientation.

community badge with portrait layout, light theme, community photo, community owner and tagline

community badge with portrait layout, light theme, community photo, community owner and tagline

Following count display and button size

These options apply only to the “follow button” widget type.  Decide how large you want your button and where you want (or not) the display of how many are following you.

follow button examples

follow button examples

4. Width

This option, only available for the badge widgets, allows you to set the overall width of the widget.  This is important when placing the widget in a row that has multiple columns. The minimum display width of the column column containing the widget will be this value.