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Editing blocks and modules in the visual builder


Within the Visual Builder, you can edit all blocks and elements by hovering and clicking. Blocks are denoted by either a gray outline, or a green outline. If a block is outlined in gray, it means that the block is used in multiple places. If a block is outlined in green, it means that the block is unique and is not used elsewhere.

When you hover a block, the following information/options are shown:

  1. Block name
  2. Move block up/down within layout
  3. Block customization options
  4. Copy block
  5. Delete block

(If a block is gray, in place of the block customization options (#3), you will see an unlock button. Click it, and then you can decide whether the customizations you make will be unique to that particular instance of the block. Or, whether you want the changes to apply to all instances of the block.)

The block customization options are very robust and are grouped into two sections. The Appearance settings allow you to do things like make a block sticky, set a block background image, modify padding on a block or a border. (Here you can also style the rows and columns contained within the block.) The Structure options allow you to add new rows or columns within the block.


Similar to blocks, when you hover on a module within the Visual Builder, it is outlined (in purple) and several options are provided.

  1. Move module – Click and drag the module wherever you’d like
  2. Module customization options – Will vary dependent on the module type
  3. Copy module
  4. Delete module

Clicking the module itself will also display the module customization options (#2) as well. If the module is a text type, you can place your cursor wherever you would like to add/edit/delete text and begin typing. For other module types, when you click the module directly, the left-hand sidebar will navigate directly to any related content if applicable. For example, when you navigate to the menu module:

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