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Stick content to the top

We’ve all seen it. We are scrolling a page and a menu for the page, or maybe the logo, sticks to the top of the browser window when we scroll down the page. This is great for encouraging viewers to visit other areas of the site. With ProPhoto you can do that!

Any block within your layout can by made sticky. To do so, simply navigate to the block’s Appearance settings, and slide the “Sticky” thumbtack option to “on”:

This will cause everything in that block to stick to the top of the window as a viewer scrolls down.

Now if you only want a menu to stick to the top (which is pretty common) then you’ll need to create a block that only contains a menu module and set the block to be sticky. Individual modules can not be set to be sticky on their own.

Can I change the appearance of the sticky block once it hits the top?

Yes! You can override numerous block customization options for when the block enters the sticky state. To do this, click on the “when stuck” thumbtack, and click to override any customization setting that you would like.

For example, if you don’t want the block to be as tall when it is in the sticky state, you could use the padding override and reduce the top and bottom padding. You could also change it’s background color, like what is shown in the video above.

Can I make more than one block sticky?

No, because of how the sticky functionality works, only one block in each layout can be set to stick to the top.