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Background color and image for posts and pages

The content area of each post/page layout is controlled with the settings for your WordPress content module , where you can pick a background color or background image.

This is different from the general background color/image options for the layout blocks, rows, and columns – if the controls described below do not help achieve the look you are after, try working with Background color/image instead.

Edit the background color or image behind page content

To edit the color or image applied behind your page/post content, you can follow these steps:

  1. Edit your layout and click to edit settings for your WordPress content module .
  2. In the popup, click the Content styles side tab.
  3. Click the Background view for image settings.
  4. Choose to set the background color transparent, or use the color picker to select a color visually or by number, including color opacity level, as needed.
  5. Upload or select a background image and choose position, repeat, size, and attachment options as needed. (details below)

Click to see a demonstration of setting background color and image here:

Background color and image appear behind the entire content area of your layout. Use the controls for background images to achieve different effects, described below.

Background image position, repeat, size, and scroll controls

Background images have additional controls for achieving unique effects behind your page content. It is easiest to simply apply a background image and play with these settings to understand the effect they have on your content background images.

Click below to learn about the specifics of each background image control:

What about background colors, images, galleries, or videos in a layout?

Using the ProPhoto visual builder, you can set portions of a page layout to use a background color, image, photo gallery, or a video.

Since the other parts of your layout are separate from the WordPress content module section, you can to refer to these other tutorials instead:

And if you want to insert an image, photo gallery, or video into your layout with making it a background, you can check out these tutorials: