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Image protection

Modern web browsers offer multiple ways for users to copy images from the internet. But many photographers want to protect their images from being copied. The nature of a website is to download images into the visitor’s browser for viewing, but ProPhoto offers several options to deter visitors from easily grabbing your images. Find these image protection options in the WordPress content module settings under “Content Styles > Image Protection”.

As stated in this options area, be aware that these image protection options can not be applied in the ProPhoto Visual Builder, since you have to be able to click/drag elements around 🙂 So to test the image protection functionality, you will have to view the actual front end of the site.

Be aware that ProPhoto’s image protection options will only be applied to images inserted directly into posts and pages. They can not be applied to gallery images, grid thumbnails or images in graphic modules. The reason for this is that often click functionality is needed for gallery, grid and graphic module images. So if image protection was applied to those images, they couldn’t be clickable and the desired functionality would be lost.


Image theft warning