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Add a watermark

A watermark can be added to your images in the “Image Protection” options of the WordPress content module:

Creating a watermark image requires that you understand how the image is applied. The important things to remember are:

  1. To add the watermark, ProPhoto actually creates a new image with the watermarked baked into it. It’s not just an overlay that could be removed. The watermark is added at exactly the size you uploaded it. It won’t scale in size to fit different images.  That being said, ProPhoto generates a few downsized versions of the watermarked image and displays the most appropriate size, based on viewport width.  So if the image currently being used is larger then your viewport width, the watermark will downsize along with the image.
  2. If the watermark is wider than an image it’s being applied to, then it will be cropped to fit .

Keep this in mind when creating a watermark since you will want to fill the width of both landscape and portrait oriented images.

For example, say you want to create a semi-opaque strip containing your business name to overlay the bottom of all of your images, like this…

This image is 1000 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall

This image is 620 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall

In this example, the “Image theft protection” option area should have the image positioned “bottom left” and the opacity set to 40% (the lower the opacity percentage, the more see-through the image will be).

In this example, the trick is that the black bar is wider than the widest posted image, so it will always span the full width of uploaded photos. But the text is made to be narrower than the narrowest image to be posted on the site so it will never be cut off.

The watermark spans the wider landscape-oriented images...

The watermark spans the wider landscape-oriented images…

...without cutting off the text on narrower portrait-oriented images

…without cutting off the text on narrower portrait-oriented images

By creating a good watermark graphic, you can upload your graphic into ProPhoto and our software will automatically apply it to your photos, saving you more time!