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Your ProPhoto Version


This tutorial explains how the free Creative design pattern for ProPhoto 7 can be modified. Check our live demo to see what Creative looks like.

About the Visual Builder

If you aren’t already familiar with the Visual Builder you may want to check out our Visual Builder guide first.

In general, Creative was created to behave as sort of a ‘single-page site’ design. That is, most of the information wanting to be seen by visitors is displayed right on the front page, including:

  • A logo & menu area at the top
  • A large ‘welcome’ image and text
  • An ‘about’ section for your business
  • An informative section about services/products
  • A grid area linking to the recent posts on your blog
  • A ‘contact information’ section
  • A contact form

And then beyond this, the design does have a separate page to display your portfolio work and a blog page.

In many cases, you may not have need for other pages of your site. But, if you do, you’re always welcome to create other WordPress pages and the Single Post/Page layout will be applied to them. Open the slide-downs below for tips on specific steps or view them in order.

If you have questions about using different parts of your design, search this website for help, or contact us for guidance.