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Taking advantage of default font styles

In version 7.7.0 ProPhoto introduced the concept of default font styles. This option allows for the assigning of a font style as a global default for different types of text – paragraph, h1 through h6, menus, blockquotes and list items. If you were already using ProPhoto 7 before this update font styles were applied separately everywhere. Nothing ever inherited automatically. We added this featured in response to user feedback requesting

What happens when I update?

When you update from some version prior to 7.7 you should not see any change to your font styles. You don’t have to do anything. It’s good to note that you will see a small difference in how font styles are applied throughout the site, especially in the text module, as highlighted below.

Fonts styles are now selected when editing the text module. Use the default or override with a different style.

For existing users that are upgrading, no default font styles will be assigned automatically. Everywhere a font style selection was made in the past will now be entered as a manual override of the default. For example, if you previously chose a font style for normal (paragraph) text in a text module, that font style will now be selected for every HTML tag in that module.

Every HTML tag has the same override font style chosen

Font styles chosen in other areas – tiles, grids, menus – show the same thing. The font styles that you have chosen previously are now entered as overrides.

Editing a grid style

How to start using default font styles

How much time will this take? 20 minutes

At some point, we encourage users who have updated to 7.7.x to take advantage of this feature. You don’t have to do anything now – the benefit is seen in the creation of future layouts and modules and editing the style of existing ones. Using default font styles helps to make this an easier process and keeps fonts throughout your site more coordinated. The basic process for taking advantage of this feature is as follows.

  1. Choose a default font style for all font types in Font Styles > Defaults

  2. Edit all text modules

    Edit every text module and click the X icon for every type so that it reverts to the default. If you like how it look move on to the next module. If you need to apply a different font style you can choose the one you desire. Or, if it makes more sense you can change the selected HTML tag (e.g. h3 or blockquote) of the text module to one that has the default style set that you want.

  3. Edit your grid styles in Elements > Grids

    If the chosen defaults for h3 and body text work, go with those. If not, leave an override in place. Again, click the X to use to the inherited default or leave the override in place.

  4. Edit your menu modules

    In the Fonts tab click the X to use the default body style or choose an override style.

  5. Edit your form modules

    In the Element Styles tab choose to use the default body style for labels and inputs or choose an override style.

These steps can be followed all at once, everywhere you have a font style selected in your site or you can follow them slowly, converting areas of your site to using default fonts only when you are editing that area.