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RSS feed link item

Use the RSS Feed link in your menu, and your visitors will be able to subscribe to the feed of your most recent blog posts.

A feed is different from your posts page in WordPress because this special page type is for computers to read. Simply give your RSS link some text, and you’re done!

Visitors who know what a feed is – and who use a feed aggregator – will find this link useful. A common title for a RSS link is “Subscribe” since an RSS link may be used to subscribe to your blog posts using an aggregator.

Help, my feed looks broken!

Remember, a feed isn’t meant for people to read directly – it’s made for computers, so it probably looks a little strange if you see a raw feed.


the normal, unformatted appearance of a feed looks like a bunch of code – because that’s what it is!

This is totally normal, some web browsers do not display feeds with any formatting and only show the raw code. Other browsers like Safari might give the ability to view and subscribe to feeds as an added feature.

Don’t worry if your computer isn’t setup to make feeds look pretty – you can always install an app or a browser extension to subscribe to RSS feeds!

Can people subscribe to my blog without an RSS link?

Here’s a little secret: you don’t need an RSS link! Feed aggregators can subscribe to a ProPhoto blog from any URL address from your site. That’s because your feed address is embedded into the HTML <head></head> code automatically on every page or post.

This means that pasting any link from your website into a good feed aggregator is all anyone needs to do. Pretty cool, huh?