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Featured image module

A featured image module is a dynamic module which adds an image in your layout.

The image which this widget displays is not one that you upload into the layout. Instead, it uses the featured image which has been assigned to your WordPress post, page, or ProPhoto gallery which is viewed.

When you want to create one template for many different pages, but need part of the layout to show a unique image from each page/post, drag the featured image module into your layout.
(for featured images as backgrounds, see the background color and image guide instead)

An example

If you want a stylized graphic along the side of each of your pricing pages, you can make one template with a featured image module in a side column, like this shows:

This row has a WordPress Content module in a right column with a featured image module in the left column.

Then, each page which uses the layout will display the page’s unique featured image in that part of the layout. This eliminates the need to create a separate layout for each page. One layout can be created with the featured image widget showing the unique image from each WordPress page or blog post.

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