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SEO settings

There are countless WordPress Plugins which provide control over every little detail of your site content related to SEO, but many experts agree that a misunderstanding or overuse of SEO metadata can even hurt the ranking of your site. So, ProPhoto has simplified the confusion and automatically handles SEO for you – enabled by default and already set up for great search results.

Customize aspects of your blog’s search engine optimization in “ProPhoto > Settings > Advanced > SEO.  If looking for how to rank higher in search, see our SEO FAQ page.

WordPress does a good job of structuring the ‘behind-the-scenes’ code of your site so it is easy for search engines to discover your site content. But many times, greater control over your site ‘searchability’ is desired.

If you’re looking for the number one tip for ranking well on Google, etc. it might be this: make great content for users, not for search engines.

However, since ProPhoto is all about customization, if you have a special circumstance, you can use these settings to modify the searchable content on your site. Just remember that the best approach may be to let your site speak for itself to avoid the “duplicate content” penalty mentioned below.