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SEO keywords

In the early days of search engines, using tons of meta keywords became such an abused and inaccurate technique for getting search hits, that search engines dramatically reduced the value of keywords within their results. Today engines like Google give ZERO weight to keywords in their search rankings. That said, we like to give our users control, so if you still want to add them to your site for some reason, you can enter keywords for your site here, separated by commas with a limit of 10.

Checking the “use post tags” check box will also use any WordPress tags on your posts as keywords on that page.

Individual words vs. phrases

Again, search engines will not factor meta keywords at all into search results, but, if you do decide to add them, it is not recommended to dream up the precise search phrases visitors might search for. This could actually cause search engines to downgrade your site if they think you’re SEO spamming. So avoid the temptation of repeating words in a different ways:

new york wedding photographer, new york photographer wedding, wedding photographer new york

Instead, it should be simplified to something like this:

new york, wedding, photographer

Search engines are smart enough to figure out all the variations for you.

Capitalization and plurals

Additionally, it is not necessary to account for capitalization or plurals for your search words – again, search engines are intelligent and will handle this for you. It’s best to stick with the ‘basic’ form of any word and let the search engines handle the rest:

los angeles, Los angeles, Los Angeles, newborn, Newborn, baby, Baby, babies, Babies, portrait, portraits, Portrait, Portraits

should be simplified to something like this:

los angeles, newborn, baby, portrait