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ProPhoto Tiles are layered graphic compositions you can place anywhere in your layouts. They are found in ProPhoto’s Elements > Tiles area, seen here:

tiles are located in the Elements > Tiles area

Tiles can be used in a graphics module, a custom form submit button, even a read more button in a grid.

Here is an example of four tiles that have been stacked within two different columns for a beautiful effect in a homepage layout:

example of four tiles in two columns – tiles are composed of layers which can include photos, text, or shapes

Create a new tile

This video demonstrates how to create a simple tile with just one image layer and a hover opacity effect, but tiles can be much more complex:

how to create a simple tile design with an image layer

To create your own tiles, follow these general steps:

  1. Using the ProPhoto editor, navigate in the Elements > Tiles sidebar area.
  2. Click the + Add Tile button to make an empty tile, or click to copy any existing tile in the sidebar to save time and work from an existing creation.
  3. Enter a unique name along the top of the tile editor popup.
  4. Set the maximum width and height of the tile canvas along the top of the popup.
  5. Use the left portion of the popup to control several aspects of the tile and its layers:
    • switch between “states” (default, hover, active)
    • select layers for editing
    • add new layers
    • edit layer settings (select fonts, edit text, choose colors, etc.)

When creating a new tile, set the size before working on the layers. The size is a maximum width & height for the canvas you work with for a tile.