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Getting Help

Once I purchase ProPhoto, will I be able to get help if I need it?

Absolutely! Here at ProPhoto, we take great pride in offering customer support that is just as amazing as the product itself. Our site has literally hundreds of support tutorials that will help you out with almost any question you could have. But, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can always send us a support ticket and we would love to help you out. To do so, visit our contact form.

Just be aware that while we like to fancy ourselves as very helpful, we won’t be able to help with things like multivariable calculus homework, what to get your special someone for the their birthday, or help you find a cheaper alternative to your current internet/cable provider.

Does ProPhoto support offer custom site design work?

We do offer basic design buildout services for customers needing help with that. However, because we are primarily developers here at ProPhoto, we leave the custom design work to the professionals and do not do any of that ourselves.  See our FAQ page for a list of folks that can help with custom site design work if that’s what you’re needing.

Does ProPhoto only offer support through Email (i.e. Do you have phone support?)?

Yes, ProPhoto only offers support services via e-mail. However, we respond to every single support request in at least two passes through our inbox each business day (more on this below). So we think you’ll find that you’ll get a pretty speedy response from us. And when we do respond to you, we’ll make sure to be as thorough and detailed in our responses as we can; no vague, canned answers here! Almost every customer who uses ProPhoto has ended up being more than impressed with our e-mail support services.

The reason we don’t offer other support services, like phone support or live chat is because we want to make ProPhoto as affordable for you as possible. We have extremely high customer support standards and to offer that level of support across a variety of platforms would mean needing to hire a lot more qualified people, which in turn would make our product cost way too much. And that is just not something we feel comfortable doing to our customers.

When will the ProPhoto support team respond to my message?

We do two full sweeps of our support inbox every single business day (Monday – Friday). The first one is in the morning to answer any inquiries from the previous evening, up through 11:30 a.m. that day. The second is in the afternoon to respond to all other inquiries received up through 4:30 p.m. that same day. (All times are Eastern Time Zone here in the United States.) All messages are ordered in the time that they are received and we will respond as promptly and as detailed as we can.

That being said, if you send a follow up message to your existing support ticket, our system will place your ticket in order by time of the last message you sent. This is to help us in case there are any further developments after when you originally contacted us. But beware, sending follow up messages like “I’m still waiting to hear back on this, are you working on it?” will re-order your ticket and bump it down the queue. So avoid sending messages like that 🙂

Does ProPhoto answer inquiries on Facebook and Twitter?

We sure do! Just be aware though that our support Email system gets first priority, so to get the fastest response, use our contact form. Plus, our support system is pretty cool and may answer your question, even before submit the ticket. Facebook and Twitter can’t do that 🙂