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Embed uploaded video file

In WordPress you can upload and embed a video file without needing a plugin. The two basic steps for getting your video from your computer, to your site are:

  1. Upload your video to your server (mp4′, ‘m4v’, ‘webm’, ‘ogv’, ‘wmv’, or ‘flv’)
  2. Embed your video in a Page, a Post, or a template (P6) or layout (P7) area on your site

Now, just because you can upload your videos does not mean you should. Videos take up a lot of resources on small shared hosting accounts. They take a long time to upload (especially high quality ones) and a long time to load in your page, making for a poor user experiencing. For many reasons, we recommend embedding videos from a third-party sharing service.

That said, you may have a valid reason for uploading video. For example, our support site has lots of small clips that we directly upload. Begin by uploading your video. The easiest way to do this is to upload the video right in your WordPress editor screen, just like any other image file you add to your site. All servers have a limit for how large an upload can be. Because of how large video files can be, you may be unable to upload your videos this way.

Even well compressed videos tend to be too large.
Even well compressed videos tend to be too large.

If you run into an upload limit lower then the size of your video, we recommend contacting your web host Tech Support to ask if they will increase your the upload_max_filesize value in your PHP configuration size so you can upload videos. This is almost always possible. There are plugins that can help with this if you are trying to do it yourself and don’t know how to make changes to the server configuration file (php.ini). Even so there are some servers, where this may not be possible. If your upload file size limit can’t be increased enough for your videos, you’ll need to reduce the size of your video or embed from a web service

Embedding the video in a post/page

Use a Video block to display an uploaded video. If you drag your video file from your computer to the block editor, it will upload and be displayed in a video block automatically.

Dragging a video from the computer finder to a WordPress page

Another option is to add the video block first and then use the options to upload a block, select one from the media library or display from a specific url location.

A video preview will display in the block editor.

Advanced Options

Once uploaded and embedded, there are some advanced options you can use to create playlists of your videos, as well as autoplay/loop and align the videos.  Click below to get more information.

Need more help?

For more information about both the audio and video shortcodes built into WordPress go here. And for even more advanced discussion see here.

If you have trouble, you might consider uploading videos to another service like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and embed them as explained in our Embed video from web service tutorial.

WordPress video embed won’t show in preview