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Import external images into WordPress

Importing External Images

Plugin help

If you have imported content from another blog, chances are that your uploaded photos from your old posts were not imported. Instead, the imported posts probably hotlink to the images on the old blog. All that means is that your photos aren’t imported, just your text, links, comments, etc.

There are a few problems which might arise from this:

  • If you delete your old blog, or the address changes someday, your photos will no longer load on your new WordPress blog
  • ProPhoto will not be able to create Galleries from your old post images
  • ProPhoto will not be able to create Grids from your old post images
  • Facebook will not be able to create preview thumbnails when old posts are linked
  • WordPress will not be able to create Excerpt thumbnails for your old posts

To import onto your WordPress server the photos which are referenced on another server or at a different domain name, a WordPress Plugin called “Import External Images” can be used:

Begin, if you have not done so already, by creating a full backup of your blog and database.

  1. Did you really create a backup? We’re serious…
  2. Install the “Import External Images plugin by searching for it in WordPress here:
    “Plugins” > “Add New”install-import-ext-images
  3. After activating it, navigate to the plugin’s screen which will appear in this new WordPress area:
    “Media” > “Import Images”
  4. Make your selections to import all images, or only images which match certain criteria.
  5. Click to “Save Changes” to your selections.
  6. Click to import images into your posts. This may take a lot of time – especially if you have lots of posts or images to crunch through.import-images-now

That should do it – you should now find that WordPress has pulled in all your external photos, and they will be found in the Media Library, attached to their corresponding posts/pages. You can work with them like any other image uploaded into WordPress.

Again, please contact the plugin author for assistance with this plugin.