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Import your site from TypePad to WordPress

Step 1: Export your Typepad Blog

  1. Log into TypePad, and go to the Blogs > Settings > Import/Export.
  2. Click on Export. Typepad begins creating your export file. A progress bar displays.
  3. When the export is finished, TypePad will display a download link. Click the link. The export file will display in your browser.
  4. Save the export file somewhere on your computer you will remember.

Step 2: Import into WordPress

  1. Log into WordPress and go to Tools > Import A menu of import formats displays.
  2. Select Movable Type and TypePad format. Install the necessary importer plugin if prompted.typepad-import-pluginactivate-typepad-importer-plugin
  3. Click Browse and locate the TypePad export file you saved to your computer.
  4. Click Upload and Import. WordPress begins the import process.upload-import-typepad When the import is completed, you’ll have the opportunity to assign a WordPress user as the author of the incoming posts.typepad assign authors
  5. When fininshed WordPress displays a success message.

Step 4: Import images

A standard export from TypePad does not include images. So when you import into WordPress images will not be uploaded to your site. You must leave your old blog online or images may become broken on your new WordPress setup. To work around this and import your old blog’s photos into WordPress, follow the “Importing Images” guide.