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Your ProPhoto Version


In the “Settings” area of the Visual Builder, you can go to the “Translation” options area under the Advanced tab to change any of the text that the ProPhoto theme automatically includes on your site (such as the comment form, search page, messages to the user, etc).

This is useful if you’re wanting to translate these words and phrases into a different language, or if you simply want to change the wording for your own personal style.

Use ProPhoto in another language

The ProPhoto user interface is available only in English at this time.

Use WordPress in another language

If you want the WordPress user interface presented in another language, you may install different language files. See these links for more info:

Provide multiple language versions of your pages, posts, and ProPhoto design

WordPress provides several plugins which allow you to make translated copies of the blog posts and web pages on your website. Tools like the WPML plugin and others make it possible to create as many versions of each page/post as you’d like. Visitors can even choose which translation of your site to view.

Plugins like these require you to create the translated copies of your pages (or pay a service to make other translations) but once you have copies, you can choose to make your website available in, for example, English, German and Spanish all with one WordPress setup.

ProPhoto 7 does not yet provide you with integration to make it easy to change the words & phrases which appear in your layout, such as your text widgets, text appearing in tile designs, etc. However, our developers are working on adding support for the WPML plugin in the future so you can use the WPML String Translation add-on to provide translations for the text you’ve used within your ProPhoto layouts.

For an estimated date for WPML support, please refer to our ProPhoto 7 development roadmap.