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Your ProPhoto Version

Compatible Hosting Companies

Our current version of ProPhoto is only available when bundled with ProPhoto hosting. But ProPhoto 7 runs as a theme in a self-hosted installation of WordPress. So if you are installing ProPhoto 7 for the first time you need host which meets the WordPress requirements for MySQL and PHP. If you host with us, you’ll be on the fastest servers available running the latest technologies and all dialed in specifically for WordPress and ProPhoto.

If you need a different host for some reason, look for a host and plan that runs a modern version of these two tools, for a faster and safer experience with WordPress and ProPhoto. Ideally, you’d meet the WordPress recommendations and not just the minimums. WordPress lists a PHP minimum of 5.2.4, but ProPhoto requires at least PHP 5.4 or newer to run, so *make sure* your host supports at least that version. PHP 7 is much faster so get that set up on your server if you can.

Standard shared hosting vs managed WordPress hosting

Each host will offer a variety of hosting products with different features and price points. For most people, a shared hosting plan will work fine. Very few ProPhoto sites require the power or cost of a dedicated server. Typically, a generic shared hosting plan that runs on a Linux web server works great. This type of hosting offers lots of features and control, which helps when you need to troubleshoot. If there are tiers of speed or quality try to avoid the lowest rung. Choose the mid or high level option. You’ll be glad you did!

Several hosts offer managed WordPress hosting plans, geared specifically toward WordPress sites. These plans and servers are tailored to run WordPress, and include extra add-ins for speed, security and easy of management. Sometimes the price of managed hosting is similar to standard shared but there are certain hosts with plans that are more expensive because of their far superior speed, support and features. Lots of our customers use WordPress managed hosting because there is no step to install WordPress – it comes pre-installed!

Either type of plan should work. Discuss with your host about details.

Storage and bandwidth

The whole point of a web hosting company is to store your website files, and serve them on the Internet. When visitors connect to your site address, some bandwidth is used to send your page and images, and the amount of images and files you are allowed to host is your storage limit.

We have found that many hosts offer unmetered bandwidth and storage, and the added cost is typically worth it. Photographers have lots of images to share, and it’s a real drag when your web server runs out of space and you can’t upload images.

Will my current hosting plan work?

It probably will. But if you are still unsure whether your hosting company can run WordPress and ProPhoto the best way to find out is to ask your host! Try asking a question like this:

“Hi, I have a website hosted by you. I want to know if I can install a WordPress site on my hosting plan. I need to know if my server has the minimum requirements of PHP 5.3.6 and MySQL 5.0 for my software. I’ll also need FTP access and the ability to create a new MySQL database. Can you let me know if that is possible? Please also let me know what are the latest versions of PHP and MySQL available on my account, since my site will run faster using PHP 7 if it is supported.”

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