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Using ProPhoto alongside incompatible site

Here’s the situation….

You can definitely keep you current site as it is, and have a ProPhoto site too.  However, the webhost you are using for your current site is an incompatible webhost.  That is, they do not support WordPress/ProPhoto installations on their servers.  As such, in order to run a ProPhoto site alongside your current site, you will need to get a new domain (or sub-domain) and new webhosting for your ProPhoto site.  (For more information on the requirements using a ProPhoto site, see here.)

So for example, let’s say your current site “” is running at webhost A.  To also run a ProPhoto site, you will need to have a completely separate domain, “”, or sub-domain, “”, running at webhost B.

Incompatible Webhosting Overview

If you need a webhost for your ProPhoto site…

We recommend HostPapa because their managed WordPress accounts come with WordPress pre-installed. Also, if you use the link on our site to sign up with them, you can get a $30 rebate back on your ProPhoto purchase and a free domain name for the first year.

So to summarize…

To have a ProPhoto site, while keeping your current site as it is, you’ll need to:

  1. Set up a new domain/sub-domain with new webhosting.
  2. Purchase ProPhoto.
  3. Then install WordPress/ProPhoto on your new webhosting using our step by step tutorial.

And if you choose to go the sub-domain route…

There are just a couple of extra steps you’ll need do during Step 1 above, when setting up the sub-domain, to make sure it works properly.

  • Step 1a – When you set up the new webhosting as mentioned in Step 1 above, make sure that the new webhost also sets up the sub-domain on your webhosting account for you.  (This will ensure that when you get to the installation step (#3 above), you’ll be able to install in that sub-domain.)
  • Step 1b – Additionally, you will want to ask your new webhost the IP address of the webserver that is being used for your new webhosting account.
  • Step 1c – Last, you will want to contact the webhost for your current website (e.g. “”) and have them set up what’s called an A Record on their server, pointing your new sub-domain back to the IP address that you received from webhost in Step 1a.  (This A Record will make sure that all visitors going to your new ProPhoto site at the sub-domain get routed correctly over to it’s location on the new webhosting server.)