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Fonts & text styles

Text appears in lots of places on a website, and ProPhoto puts you in control of the appearance of text through the use of font styles. Find all of the font styles in your design within the left sidebar of the Visual Builder screen.

Each font style used in your website design can be applied to text modules, the content of your posts & pages, the title and excerpt found in a grid, the layers of a tile graphic, the labels or fields in a form, and plenty more.

A font style gives you control over several appearance options in a single font preset:

  • font family
  • font size
  • color
  • bold
  • italic
  • underline
  • line height
  • word spacing
  • letter spacing
  • font casing (capitalization)

You can edit these options in one place so that all text using your font style will be updated at once. This saves a lot of time over hunting down and editing each bit of text just to change a font or a color. You can also override the look of links within your text in a font style.

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