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an example of a masonry thumbnail grid

You can use grids in ProPhoto when you want to easily make an array of thumbnails that each link to …

  • selected WordPress pages
  • selected ProPhoto galleries
  • recent blog posts
  • recent blog posts from a single category
  • recent posts on an Instagram account
  • custom URL links to other websites
  • …and more

NOTE: to display a photo gallery in a thumbnail layout, simply display the gallery in a thumbnail style. See our Photo Gallery Styles guides for more information working with gallery images and the thumbnail style.

Add a grid

There are three ways to use a grid in ProPhoto, depending on your needs:

Grid styles

A grid style comprises different appearance settings that you can apply to the grids you use on our site, helping you achieve consistent colors, fonts and other style controls. You may also create new grid styles or edit existing styles to suit your needs.

Grid types

ProPhoto tools allow you to create multiple grid types on your site. Since grids always link to something, they can be more flexible than a thumbnail gallery style which features only photos which do not link.

When you create a grid module the first step is to select a type, and you can choose from several different options, each explained here: