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Selecting a featured image will set it apart from the other images loaded into your post, page or ProPhoto gallery in WordPress. Featured images are used in many ways, including:

  • Facebook previews
  • blog excerpt views
  • ProPhoto Grids
  • featured image widgets
  • featured image backgrounds
  • …and more

By default, WordPress will use the first image uploaded to your post/page/gallery when it needs to make a thumbnail. But you can override this by setting a featured image.

NOTE: to add featured image support for blog categories, install the Category Featured Images plugin.

Step 1 : Find and click the “Featured Image” link

When editing a post or page locate the “Featured Image” option area, typically along the right side of your screen.
Featured ImageIf you don’t see that area, click the Screen Options link at the top right of the page and check the box to show the Featured Image option area in your editor view.

Feat Img Screen Option

Step 2 : Feature the image

In the media popup, select or upload an image to feature it for your post/page.

Select Feat Img

You can also feature an image at any time when in the Add Media popup. Just click the Set Featured Image link on the top left of the uploader popup and it will take you to the same area as shown in the above screenshot.

When in the "Add Media" area already, there is a convenient link to set a featured image.

When in the Add Media area already, there is a convenient link to set a featured image.

Step 3 : Update your post/page

See the Featured Image area in your editor screen to confirm your selection or to change it after the upload process.

Feat Img Display

Images which have a width-to-height ratio greater than 3:1 will not generate a preview thumbnail on Facebook, due to Facebook's image requirements, so be sure that your featured image in your page/post is not dramatically wider-than-tall or taller-than-wide!

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