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Edit theme files (Don’t Do It!)

WordPress gives you the ability to use their built-in “theme-editor” to directly edit ProPhoto’s theme files.  However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. 🙂  In fact, you should not under just about any circumstances.  Why?

Because you don’t need to

Whatever you’re trying to do by editing the theme files, you can almost certainly do with one of ProPhoto’s built in customization options.  Even advanced stuff like adding custom CSS, Javascript, inserting meta tags into the <head> section you can do through the customization page (hint: look in “ProPhoto > Settings > Advanced > Custom Code” for those options).

Because your work will be lost

Whenever you update ProPhoto (and we do release free updates regularly), any direct edits you have made will be lost.   This problem is compounded by the fact that ProPhoto automatically updates itself often.  This is a feature that everyone loves, however, you would have to disable it if you were editing theme files.  If, instead, you correctly use the built in customization options, all of your customizations will be preserved through upgrading.

Because we won’t help you if you do

If you make custom edits to your theme files, you’re basically voiding your support warranty. We are fanatical about supporting our product, but we won’t troubleshoot custom code you’ve created, sorry.

But I really want to!

Instead of editing the files, why not contact us, and ask us how to do what you’re asking?  If there’s a way with the built-in options, we’ll tell you how. If you’re an advanced php/html/css guru, then just go ahead. Just know that we won’t be able to offer you support for your theme after you do.