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Hide title or content area of a post/page

ProPhoto gives you control over the title and WordPress content of every page and post of your site.

While editing any page or post, you’ll find the option to hide…

  • the page title
  • all page content

Look for this section in your page editor:

Editor Title and Content Hide Options

If you don’t see this option box in your editor screen, you will need to enable by:

  1. Clicking the Screen Options tab in the upper right corner of the editor, and
  2. Checking the box for the ProPhoto title/content hiding option.

If you would like to hide only the WordPress page title, check the first box. The content of your WordPress page or post will still be displayed to visitors, in addition to any content in your ProPhoto page template.

If you would like to hide the WordPress page title and content, check the second box. None of your content will be used in the page at all, allowing only the widgets in your ProPhoto page template to be seen.

SEO concerns

These options prevent the title or title & content from being used when the page loads, which means any text you have used within your page will not be available for indexing by search engines with the following exceptions:

Also, if you use a tool like Yoast SEO for WordPress, be aware that the plugin is unable to discover the ProPhoto widget content you might have applied to your page, which may result in inaccurate “readability” or “keyword” estimations.