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Upload a custom font file

If your desired font is not available to add as a Google font, it might be possible to upload it in “ProPhoto > Customizer > Design Group > Fonts > Custom Fonts”Up to five .woff font files designed for web use can be uploaded here. 

If you have a valid web use license for a TTF or OTF file, or that font’s usage policy allows web use, you should be able to convert this to a WOFF file using any number of online converters. The converters at and seem particularly easy to use. If you already have a webfont kit zip file, inside the zip you should see a .woff file.


contents of an unzipped webfont kit zip file

However you acquire it, a proper .woff file should upload just fine. After it’s been uploaded, you’ll see it available for selection when creating font styles. uploaded_fonts