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Menus widget

menus_widget_buttonAfter you have created your menus in “ProPhoto > Customizer > Menus” you will add them to your site via menu widgets in “ProPhoto > Customizer > Layout”.

The menu widget popup asks you to choose your menu structure, its display type and how you would like it to be horizontally aligned inside its column.menu_widget_options

1. Menu structure

You can create as many menu structures as you like in “ProPhoto > Customizer > Menus > “Menu Builder”.  Each time you add a menu widget you choose exactly which structure (or, group of links) you want to use.

2. Menu display type

Every menu can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.


simple vertical menu


simple horizontal menu

3. Horizontal alignment

Both vertical and horizontal menus can be aligned left, right or center.

vertical menu with center alignment

vertical menu with center alignment

horizontal menu with right alignment

horizontal menu with right alignment