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Setup Google Search Console

To work with Google Search Console, (formerly called Google Webmaster Tools) you must verify ownership of your website by adding a special code or file to your site. When using ProPhoto, this is most easily done with a custom ‘meta’ tag inserted into your site’s ‘head’ section.

Since it is highly recommended that you do not edit your ProPhoto Theme files to add a verification code to your site, we’ve provided an easier way, outlined below.

Get the Search Console ‘meta’ Tag

After you sign up for a Google Search Console account, you will login to the service and click to “Add A Property” to your account, seen here:

In the Search Console dashboard, add a property

You’ll see a popup to enter the URL address of your site, like this example:

Fill in your WordPress installation URL address

Be sure to fill in the location your WordPress installation and click to continue.
(e.g., if you have a separate website at the plain ‘.com’ address, but your WordPress setup is at ‘.com/blog/’ you’ll fill in the ‘.com/blog/’ address here)

In the following screen, you will be required to verify ownership of your site. You can use the ‘recommended method’ of placing an HTML file on your web server, but this will require FTP access to your server and may be more confusing. We suggest using the ‘Alternate methods‘ tab and the ‘HTML tag‘ options:

Use the “Alternate methods” tab to copy the HTML tag code

Once you have copied this ‘meta’ tag code, open a new tab or window in your browser and login to your WordPress site.

Paste the Verification ‘meta’ Tag in ProPhoto

Navigate to this area in ProPhoto:
“ProPhoto” > “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Custom Code” > “Insert into <head></head> area”
and paste the ‘meta’ tag code you have copied.

Paste the HTML tag code into ProPhoto, then click Save Changes

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Completing Verification

Since we still have Google Search Console open in another tab/window, return to that screen and click the “Verify” button.

Return to Google Search Console and click to Verify

Google will attempt to search in your site for the ‘meta’ tag you pasted and connect to your site. If you have trouble verifying, use Google’s help to troubleshoot, and if you’re still stuck, contact us.

Google Search Console Be Patient

Learning more with Search Console Training

You may want to check out Google’s YouTube multi-part series which introduces you to the basics of the Search Console tools: