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Site gone

Sometimes folks find themselves in a situation like this…

Originally, they had a website running on their domain (say “”) along with a ProPhoto blog running in a sub-folder of their domain (like “”).  Then, they decide they want to switch to a totally different website type (e.g. Bludomain to Showit, BigFolio to Wix, etc).  So they set up the new website and then “switch” their domain over to their new website.  Everything seems great, and they see their new site right at their domain.  However, when they try to view their ProPhoto blog (“”), it isn’t there.  “What happened to ProPhoto?  It’s gone!!”

Unfortunately, the issue here is that ProPhoto still “lives” back on the old webserver where the domain was pointed to previously.  When the domain was “repointed” to show the new website, it was actually pointed away from the webserver where ProPhoto was located, and pointed to an entirely new webserver.  And when a switch like this is made, content doesn’t automatically move over to the new webserver; it has to be moved over manually (if possible).  It’s kind of like moving to a new residence, if you still want your furniture, you’ll have to move it from the old place, to the new one.

If you find yourself in this situation, this is what you’ll need to do:

1)  Contact your original webhost right away!

The first thing you need to do if you find yourself in this situation is to contact your original webhost (where ProPhoto was installed) and make sure your webhosting has not been cancelled/deleted.  In order to get your ProPhoto site up and running again, you’ll need to make sure all of original files are still intact, and that you have access to them.  If you can get access to the files again and nothing has been deleted, you will be able to get your ProPhoto site up and running again, so continue on to Step 2.

However, if your prior webhosting account with the old host has been deleted, you’ll need to start your ProPhoto site over from scratch :(. In that case our getting started guide might be helpful.

2)  Check to see if your new webhost is a compatible host

Check to see if your new webhost is compatible with WordPress.  If the new webhost is a compatible host, continue on to Step 3a.  If the new webhost is not compatible, continue on to Step 3b.

3a)  Migrate your ProPhoto site over to the new host

If your new webhost is a compatible webhost, what you can do is migrate all of your WordPress/ProPhoto files from the old webhost, over to the new webhost.  That way, you can have your website appear right at your domain (“”), and have your ProPhoto site appear just as it did before, in a sub-directory of your domain (e.g. “”).

Here at ProPhoto, we don’t perform any site moves ourselves, although we do have a tutorial on the process you are free to try.

Just be aware that it is a fairly complicated process, so you may want to consider contacting NetCrafted as mentioned in the above tutorial.  We have been partnering with NetCrafted for a good while now and they do a great job!

3b)  Use a new domain/sub-domain to display your ProPhoto site

If your new webhost is not a compatible webhost, you can still use and display your ProPhoto site.  However, because your domain (“”) is hosted by an incompatible host, you won’t be able to have ProPhoto display in a sub-directory folder (e.g. “”).  Instead, you’ll need to display your ProPhoto site at a separate domain (like “”), or sub-domain (like “”).

The easiest way to do this is to contact your prior webhost, where ProPhoto was installed before and renew your webhosting package with them (if you cancelled).  That way, your ProPhoto site will be hosted on the same webhost as before, and you won’t have to migrate any of your ProPhoto files to a different webhost.

Now, if you want your ProPhoto site to show up at an entirely brand new domain (like “”), what you’ll need to do is contact the webhost where ProPhoto is located and have them register that new domain and add it to your webhosting package.  After that, contact us and we’ll help you get ProPhoto showing at the new domain.

Otherwise, if you’d rather your ProPhoto site appear at a “sub-domain” (like “”), you will need to contact the webhost where ProPhoto is located and have them set up the sub-domain for you on your webhosting account.  Additionally, you’ll need to ask them the “Server IP Address” of your webhosting account.  After you have that information, contact your new webhost where your domain is now pointed and have them set up what’s called an “A Record” pointing your sub-domain (e.g. “”) over to the Server IP Address you got from the ProPhoto webhost.  Once that is done, contact us and we can help complete the switch of getting your ProPhoto site to the sub-domain.