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Menu mobile settings

Typically, horizontal navigation mens take up a lot of space in your website layout. On a wide computer screen with lots of room that is just fine, but on a smaller screen in another orientation (like a phone or tablet) your menu may not fit very well. This is where a special mobile menu comes in handy, like this example:


As you can see, a special button can be used to expand a slide-out menu from the side of the screen. (you can even change to the right side, and you can swipe to show/hide on touch screens) This slide-out menu is hidden from view until needed, and looks attractive in a ‘tall’ browser orientation like a phone or tablet.

Go to this area to control several aspects of this special menu button and slide out pane:

“ProPhoto > Customizer (toggle top-left switch to “Template”) > Menus > Mobile”

You may also want to select the top-level template along the top of your screen so the changes you make here are applied to all child templates in your design, shown as #3 in this screenshot:


Using the controls in this area, you can choose:

  • when this collapsed menu appears
    (only smaller widths like phone and tablet, or always show)
  • whether swiping the screen will open the menu automatically or not
  • which smaller width should be the trigger point
    (medium = phone widths, large = tablet widths)
  • which side of the screen the button and slide-out menu appear
    (left or right side)
  • which image or tile is used for the button

Refer to this screenshot above as you work through the sections below:

Other mobile menu appearance options

To control the look & style of the mobile menu pane, text links, expanding sub-menus, and lots more, check out the companion settings area here:

“ProPhoto > Customizer > Menus > Appearance”

Our separate Modify menu appearance  guide explains these options.